The Next Level...

1 to 1’s

In Fife, it’s £50 for 3 hrs 1 Handler 1 dog (Extra dog £30 extra Handler £30 (ie 2 handlers 1 dog)

I can travel for 1-2- 1s but will need to cover my travel expenses.

Will cover Intro to Mantrailing, but if you have already done this with us I can tailor the training for your needs. (Building, streets, water crossings etc.)


Manhunt Club fortnightly meets

Covering more advanced skills/drills, also using many of our excellent training venues at our disposal, to cover many different training scenarios.

Junctions, Backtracks, Water crossings, Line-ups, Scent theory etc.


Open Field/Moors Streets

Wooded/Forest Industrial

Hills Car Parks

Coastal Shopping areas

Water/Water crossings

Price £20 


Host a workshop

Can’t get to Fife for training……….. We will come to you!

Want K9 Manhunt & ScentWork Scotland in your area?

We travel anywhere in Scotland delivering workshops/training, why not be a host and invite us?

For more information contact us.

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