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Scent Work Courses

"Puppy" Introduction to ScentWork Class

We are going to run an intro to ScentWork class for Puppies only. 

Have you got a puppy that’s from 12 weeks old to 18 months old? Then, this class is for you...

We will show you how to start your puppy off on its, ScentWork journey, lots of little games, to engage your puppy, to use up some of that boundless energy, all in a controlled manner.

£15 per puppy.

Introduction to Scent Work

All dogs love to sniff, put that amazing nose to work and see how incredible it can be!


If you just want to do something different and fun with your dog or if you want to participate in Scentwork UK Trails, this workshop will introduce you to the sport of scent work, this workshop will cover all you need to get up and running

Your instructor is accredited by Scentwork UK and is fully insured.


£35 for 2hours.


Fortnightly Scent Work Classes (Block of 6 classes)

Let your dog do what he loves doing and does best of all - Sniff!


Fun scent work classes incorporating Scentwork UK curriculum, plus lots more.

Whether you want to participate in the forthcoming Scentwork UK Trials or just want to do something with your dog, this class will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Fully insured Accredited Scentwork UK Trainer runs these classes.

With just 6 places in each class, each team will have plenty of opportunity for one-to-one attention.


£120 2 hours every fortnight for 6 weeks.

Scent Club: Monthly Meets

Don't have time to attend classes but want to do scent work with your dog?
Or do you teach scent work classes and looking to build your knowledge and expertise?
Or love all things scent in the dog world?
Want to be part of a group focused on the exciting world of canine scent?
Looking for practical one-to-one support for scent work
Satisfy your inner scent geek with a membership of our Scent Club to talk with other enthusiasts on all things canine scent!

  • Monthly meets, using some of amazing our amazing Training areas, Train Stations, Colleges, Industrial Units, Boats etc.

  • Talk about all things scent and with occasional guest speakers

  • Quarterly one-to-one to build skills, confidence and motivation

  • Advance notice on scent work events and first option on places

  • Monthly Challenges

  • Periodic scent related gifts

  • Private Group for online support

  • Troubleshooting

  • Upload your videos and get feedback and help


Monthly subscription of £25 payable through PayPal. You can unsubscribe at any time however terms apply for the quarterly one to one (see below).

* Terms for Quarterly one-to-one
The monthly subscription includes access to a quarterly one to one however if you unsubscribe during a quarter then the one to one will only take place when that quarter’s subscription has been met. 

All One to ones will be held at K9 Manhunt & ScentWork Scent room unless agreed otherwise



Private Scentwork session

Would you like to try scent work with your dog but don't have time for classes? Our 2.5-hour private session will start you off on the right track covering imprinting scent, indication and building search patterns.  Can be at our purpose build scent room/Live training area or in your own house. Further sessions are available on request.

Fully insured Accredited Scentwork UK Trainer runs these classes

Cost £120 (£50 deposit required at time of booking)


Scent Work Clinic

Our ScentWork Clinics are short one to one sessions designed to give you the opportunity to:-

  • Work through any issues you may have in your scent work

  • Start you off on your scent work journey

  • Continue to build your skills in scent work



Prior to your session you will be asked for details on what you want to work on so we can make the most of the session on the day. 

Fully insured Accredited Scentwork UK Trainer runs these classes

£30 for 1 hour

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