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Mantrailing and scent work offer your dog a fun way to use their natural talents.

Contact us for details of upcoming courses tailored to your needs.

Dogs have been bred to work alongside us; teaching them to use their natural talent of smell keeps them happy and entertained. It gives them a feeling of purpose. Dogs thrive when they feel like they have a job to do; and it’s even better when it’s something as simple as teaching them to sniff things out for you.


The benefits of teaching your dog Mantrailing & ScentWork include:

  • Fun way to give your dog more mental stimulation 

  • Gives your dog extra physical stimulation

  • Nose work builds your dog’s confidence

  • Gives your dog a job to do

  • Builds a stronger bond with your dog

  • Nose work is fun & rewarding for dogs

Remember a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Keeping them mentally and physically fit is your responsibility

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